Day trips from Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam we recommend a day trip to nearby towns and villages. Hague being more modern and exciting because of its role as the seat of Dutch parliament and many european institutions. Delft and Bruges are lovely historic canal towns great for evening walks and picture taking, while Zaanse Schans and Volendam are idilic cheese and fishing villages. Bruges and Zaanse Schans are also listed as World Heritage Sites of UNESCO so don't miss this opportunity to see them.

Zaanse Schans windmills tour 

Amsterdam Zaanse Schans windmillsDe Zaanse Schans is a reconstructed museum village with a difference: people actually live in it. The Zaan district was noted for industrial windmills that powered the manufacture of paint, flower and lumber. Here you can buy mustard, produced in one of the five local mills. Amid the gabled homes -mostly green with white trim- are an old Albert Heijn grocery store and a cheese house. Boat trips on the Zaan river provide another perspective on the village.

Keukenhof Flower exhibition

Keukenhof Garden ExhibitionA feast for the eye. Only 2 months a year (mid-March to mid-May) the millions of tulips and other bulb flowers are in bloom. A fantastic experience for people of all ages and a wonderful spectacle to photograph! An overwhelming display of colour in a beautiful setting covering an area of 32 hectares (16,500 acres) that incorporates elements of traditional and modern landscape gardening. The flower shows in the pavilions are unique. Surprising and inspiring, brimming with ideas, trends and features that you can apply in your own garden.

Giethoorn boat trip

Giethoorn boat trip

A must-see place where boats are used instead of cars and where old village houses still have thatch roofs. Just look at our photo gallery above. It is wonderful. The wooden bridges, grazing horses and centuries old houses are something you will surely remember.

Grand Holland tour

Grand Holland Tour from AmsterdamBeing able to wander about the world’s largest harbour in Rotterdam, the 17th century preserved city of Delft and the famous Hague and the tiny town of Madurodam, you will realize just how beautiful Holland outside Amsterdam truly is.

Day trip to Bruges

Filled to the brim with historical sites, old churches, courts and some incredible shopping opportunities, Bruges is everything but boring. A magnificent place to find out more about what makes Belgium itself so special and an even better chance to experience and explore one of their most popular historical city

Day trip to Brussels

With streets lined with cafes and shops all offering some of the world’s best chocolates and beers paired with a rich history and beautiful architecture, how could you go possibly go wrong while touring Belgium?

Day trip to Rotterdam

From the history alone to the incredible architecture that fills the streets and alleyways of the town, it is without a doubt one part of Holland that you are guaranteed to have a time filled with plenty of fun and excitement from start to finish. Being able to wander about the biggest port city in Europe that is in constant development makes the trip all the more worthwhile and intriguing.

Day trip to Delft

Delft, a historic city close to The Hague, was founded in 1100, and the city grew rich off weaving and trade in the 13th and 14th century. When on a day trip to Delft, you'll find narrow canals and picturesque houses. Delft is know for it's distinctive blue and white pottery from Delft, know as Delftware.