Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Amsterdam canal cruise during day among historical buildings

Treating visiting guests to Amsterdam canal cruise became a tradition and many famous guests have got to know the city from the deck of a canal cruise boat. For example Winston Crurchill, The Beatles and Nelson Mandela. When you visit Amsterdam we recommend that you do the same.

You can visit the canal cruise booking webpage here.

Ticket is included if you get an Amsterdam city pass. It is a good way to make your visit easier. Look at our comparison of various versions.

Standard canal cruises :

Canal cruise during day

A standard cruise in a large touristic boat with many seats and windows. It is interesting but not private or deluxe.

Canal cruise during night

A copy of the daylight cruise but during nighttime.

Open boat canal cruises :

Large open boat canal cruise

Cruise on a boat that has top half open. The larger boat type feels more private and has audioguide.

Small open boat canal cruise

Cruise on a boat that has top half open. The smaller boat type is more social and has live guide person.

Canal cruises with food and drinks :

Pizza canal cruise

Combine the beauty of the Dutch architecture with the incredible taste of Italian cuisine and experience the perfect evening.

Pancakes canal cruise

Cruise on a large boat with pancakes buffet.

Whole boat rental :

Amsterdam boat for rent – private canal cruise

Be only with your private party and decide what you want to explore for two hours. On board captain will make sure you're having a good time.

Special events cruise - date limited :

Keukenhof and Amsterdam canals

Takes you alongside the canals of Amsterdam before or after seeing the Keukenhof park, a sping park fully dedicated to tulips.

Amsterdam light festival boat cruise

Discover art pieces made for the winter Amsterdam light festival on board of a boat. A guide will explain each piece of art.